10 Dining

Authenitic Indian Cuisine

Welcome to 10 Dining, a traditional Indian diner. Our food is based on home cooked recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our passion being the love for good food.

Our diner was a lifelong ambition for us and our late mother Ramila (Dadi) who gave us the skills and passion to cook, as she called it, “food from the heart”. Our mother Sharda (Nani), continues to inspire us with her passion for home cooked food. She still guides us with traditional cooking recipes and methods.
The food we cook is based on regions in India, mainly Gujarat, The Punjab and Kerala.  Our food is also influenced by Kenya, where our parents were raised.
Our ethos has always been for people to eat, drink and be happy. We strive to make food the way it should be – fresh and tasty using quality produce and ingredients. Our philosophy is simple: make food that you would be happy to eat.
Our chefs are classically trained in Indian cuisine and have many years’ experience in fine dining restaurants and world class hotels.  They are creative and passionate about food and always strive to exceed your expectations.
We hope to see you at our diner.